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An Entryway Makeover in Wellesley, MA

An Entryway Makeover in Wellesley, MA

Of Patches and Porticos In 2009, a Blade of Grass began work on a beautiful home in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The 1916 house had recently been renovated, and as part of that process, the front portico was rebuilt and extended. While beautifully done (though maybe a little bit imposing in scale) the portico now landed directly […]
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ornamental grasses near pool

Easy to Grow Perennials: Ornamental Grasses

The Low Maintenance Unicorn Are you tired of tending to your perennials to keep them looking good throughout the growing season? What if I told you there’s a plant that needs care only once a year and requires only that you cut it down? And that once established, you don’t even need to water it? […]
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a low maintenance design stone path

How to Design a Low Maintenance Garden

No Maintenance vs. Low Maintenance Clients often request “no maintenance” or “low maintenance” plantings for the design of their garden. Let’s just agree right off the bat that there is no such thing as a no maintenance garden. Even if you cover your land with a pad of concrete it still needs to be swept […]
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Cornus Kousa Dogwood

Design Favorites: Three Ornamental Trees

Putting the Fun in Fuctional When you get down to it, the landscape design process is really about creating solutions to solve the challenges Mother Nature throws our way – trees to provide screening and shade, flowering shrubs that won’t be eaten by deer, perennials that can survive hungry rabbits, and so on. That said, […]
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