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As they say "seeing is believing," and we know you'll be amazed when you see what a Blade of Grass has done for our Boston area clients. A neglected patio can become the center of summer entertainment, a nondescript yard is reborn as a lush formal garden, and an uninspired driveway can welcome its guests with indescribable charm and grace. Explore our dramatic transformations and we know you’ll be a believer.

Dover Outdoor Living

We saw endless potential in this modest, underutilized Dover backyard space and created a landscape packed with vibrancy and functionality. A pool, patios, built-in grill, fireplace, and a generous lawn were all components of this no compromise program.
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Weston Backyard Vacation

A perpendicular alignment of the pool allowed for a long view from inside the house that took advantage of the depth of the property. Generous bluestone patios, a built-in outdoor kitchen, stone fire pit, and of course the pool, gave the Weston homeowners a multitude of reasons to spend more time in their yard.

Wooded Wellesley Terrace

Thoughtful design and artful craftsmanship transformed this tight yard into a tranquil terrace in the trees. The clean rectangular stone lines help to reinforce the contemporary style of the interior.
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Wellesley Backyard Retreat

An underused site was invigorated through the addition of activity areas and the organization of the disconnected components into a coherent and unified whole. The pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and sumptuous plantings created a retreat for play and leisure.

Wellesley Hills Residence

Once a dark and obscured façade, this beautiful home was enlivened by bringing in light and a structured planting of boxwood, hydrangea, and vinca. A low wall helps anchor the scale of the home to a new European influenced parking court.
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Brookline Brownstone

The remarkable architecture of this Brookline house needed a suitable garden to complement it. A series of lush garden rooms lend refinement to the existing estate.
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Weston Contemporary

Using a clean, streamlined aesthetic, this outdoor living space in Weston became an organic extension of the residence. Complementary plantings bring texture, color and whimsy while transitioning seamlessly to the surrounding forest.
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Wellesley Backyard Retreat

A raised pool and spa took a forgotten corner from unused to focal point. Mature trees and enormous pieces of irregular bluestone coping gave it the feeling of a woodland swimming hole.
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Downtown Destination

From a forgotten wasteland to an entertainer’s Eden, this Boston South End space was designed down to the last square inch to create a multilevel, multipurpose, outdoor entertaining dream.
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Newton Center Stage

We “turned up the footlights” in creating this dramatic sensation. We restructured the yard, terracing bluestone entertaining spaces, creating an elegant dining patio that flows effortlessly into an inviting fireplace lounge, beckoning guests to adjourn and relax.

Dedham Courtyard Creation

A historic Dedham home with a neglected landscape presented an uninviting entrance. We designed a sequence of elegant pathways to organize the space and provide an intuitive progression through a picturesque garden courtyard.
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Concord Outdoor Living

This previously bland space was converted to an outdoor destination, complete with built-in grill, counter with seating, fire pit, and an integrated sound system. Evergreen screening helps to embrace the space and create a comfortable outdoor room.

Wayland Fire Pit Patio

This spread of bluestone accommodates both a formal dining area as defined by its clean, rectangular paving, while at the same time conserving a casual space by the fire with a looser, irregular layout.
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transformation_n_before_dsc_0221 transformation_n_after_dsc_0056

Tiered Walls in Dover

A slope of ledge that encroached on the house was sculpted into dramatic terraces of fieldstone walls and vibrant plantings. The newly found space allowed for the development of seamlessly integrated outdoor rooms.

Multilevel Outdoor Living

An awkward transition space was dramatically altered to create attractive multilevel outdoor rooms. Dramatic stonework, a built-in grill, a magnificent fireplace, and mature plantings create a private retreat for entertaining and relaxation.
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transformation_p_before_300 transformation_p_after_dsc_0020

Wooded Glade in Newton

A struggling Newton lawn was scrapped in favor of a carefully layered woodland garden. The bluestone patio and custom granite fireplace provide a perfect perch to relax and enjoy the view.

Wellesley Hills Residence

Once a dark and obscured façade, this beautiful home was enlivened by bringing in light and a structured planting of boxwood, hydrangea, and vinca. A low wall helps anchor the scale of the home to a new European influenced parking court.
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Duxbury Seaside Estate

Peaceful, serene, laidback, yet expanding out to the horizon; the elements of this Duxbury design are all about capturing the views of the water from every angle.
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Weston Hillside Pool Terrace

Difficult sites often return the greatest rewards. With the installation of two tiers of retaining walls, this pool is both elevated and surrounded by lush gardens, and gives swimmers the feeling of floating in paradise.
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Westwood Pool Pavillion

A blank canvas becomes a landscape that has an activity for every season and occasion. Read a book during a spring rain shower under the pavilion, plunge into the pool on a hot summer day, or warm up next to the fireplace on a cool autumn evening.

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