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Set atop a formidable hill in Lincoln, MA, this classic Georgian-style home promised spectacular waterfront views and loads of historic charm. Our challenge was to realize that potential amidst years of overgrowth and neglect.

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Lincoln, Massachusetts | It's hard to resist a waterfront property, let alone one with such unique personality. That said, this project was not without its hurdles and, thankfully, several creative design solutions. 

That gorgeous reservoir view for example - it came with significant setback requirements. And so, we utilized a native plant palette to minimize impact while allowing a clear vantage from across the property. We also enlarged the driveway to add guest parking and used a permeable gravel and regraded to direct surface flow into planting beds and away from the bodies of water.

Another challenge was found on the patio, atop the home's garage, where existing Mediterranean-style tile felt out-of-place and become became rather slippery when wet. We replaced with weathered bluestone and reclaimed brick. Also used for the walkways, these materials provided a more natural match and helped lend the landscape a more established feel.

Throughout the property, ornamental plants were weighted towards spring flowering and fall interest as the family is often away for much of the summer. And for the children, we shaped a secret garden via a bit of creative screening between the house and their play shed.

In all, our designs and solutions for this home focused on connecting the house to the landscape. Careful plant choices and reclaimed stone helped to complement the style, age, and grace of the architecture, while also grounding the building in the landscape. Careful planting helped to define the property, while spatial reorganization allowed for more everyday use and enjoyment by its owners.

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transformations - before - newton front yard transformations  - after - newton front yard
landscape design award - Association of Professional Landscape Designers (apld) award winner
2020 Gold Award Residential Design
Association of Professional Landscape Designers

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Lincoln Estate Wins APLD’s Gold Award for Residential Design | APLD

Lincoln Estate Wins APLD’s Gold Award for Residential Design | APLD

a Blade of Grass has been awarded APLD’s 2020 Gold Award for Residential Design for the design and installation of our “Lincoln Estate” property. The APLD International Landscape Design Awards Program honors excellence in landscape design. Projects in eight different categories are judged on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail and execution. We are, obviously, immensely honored and proud of our amazing designers and our installation and maintenance crews. Check out the photo gallery and project description of this beautiful property.

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