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There's a lot to love about this historic Belmont home and carriage house studio, but its spectacular view of the Boston skyline is certainly at the top of the list. However, that amazing vista presented a unique challenge for our designers - how to retain the home's most prized feature, while adding a (much needed) sense of privacy for this family with two children + dog.

about this property

Belmont, Massachusetts | We love a challenge, and this "carriage house with a view" was right in our wheelhouse. Our solution: a series of beautiful perennial gardens with a border of hemlock, spruce and arborvitae, enclosing the property on three sides. A clipped yew hedge completes the perimeter providing just the right amount of screening without obstructing the skyline panorama. Mature trees were added to the property to create an instant canopy, and a mix of brick walls and natural hedges draw the visitor from one "room" to the next. The result is a lush oasis where the owners can de-compress, entertain, or simply take in the amazing views.

Additional features of this design include:
• a checkerboard lawn as focal point, luring visitors to a secluded sitting area;
• a brick and bluestone patio with an old-world courtyard experience;
• an ever-changing array of planters throughout the property;
• a permeable gravel driveway to help control run-off.

see the transformation

transformation - before - carriage house brick walkway and yard transformation - after - carriage house stone patio and gardens
 architecture credit:  Patrick Ahern
landscape design award - Association of Professional Landscape Designers (apld) award winner
2019 Silver Award Residential Design
Association of Professional Landscape Designers

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