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A new addition to this Wellesley home offered a unique opportunity for this family to make outdoor living a higher priority. Raised bluestone patios allow for a seamless transition from inside to outside and preserves a valuable play area for the kids. A single step in elevation separates the dining space from the cozy fire pit area.

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Wellesley, Massachusetts | As this young family was planning an addition to the back of their house, they contacted a Blade of Grass to help reconfigure and enhance their back yard. With some clever organization of space, and much needed screening, we were able to provide a wonderful outdoor living and entertaining space.

A significant hurdle of this property was a large drop from the back door into the rear yard, almost three feet in elevation. Our designers met this challenge with a handsome bluestone patio that transitions immediately from the door to the property. Lush perimeter plantings lend a woodland feel in this densely packed neighborhood.

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