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When we first visited this home in Wellesley Hills it buried in an intimidating tangle of overgrown trees and undergrowth. Our first focus was a thorough clearing of the property to better assess the potential. We then added a formal chip seal courtyard and elegant plantings to best highlight the striking façade.

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Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts | Selective tree removal and a bit of creative regrading in the back yard provided both views of the house and newfound space for the family to enjoy. The two-entrance drive was reimagined as an entry experience, one that adds a bit of formality to a landscape as poised as the house itself. Plantings reinforce the structure of the stonework and help anchor the house within the landscape.

Clearing and grading in the back yard allowed for a more inviting brick and bluestone patio, as well as nearly triple the amount of usable lawn space. A new built-in grill offers yet another opportunity to enjoy the outdoor living space. Last, mature evergreens provide an elegant privacy screening from the neighboring houses.

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