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The Advantages of Leaf Mulching

The Advantages of Leaf Mulching

Does the thought of not raking, blowing, piling, bagging, and disposal of all those Fall leaves make you jump for joy? Good! Ditch the rake and do the right thing – mulch those leaves right back into your lawn, the way nature intended. By mulching and returning the leaves back into the turf canopy we create a healthy environment for the lawn to thrive in and absorb throughout the winter, preparing the lawn for the arrival of Spring.
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How to Plan a Flower Bulb Garden

How to Design a Flower Bulb Garden

Spring bulbs are wonderful in every way. Many of them bloom early, while most other plants haven’t dared to break bud. They have interesting shapes, colors, and textures and there is something magical about the fact that they are planted in the fall and then lay dormant until they poke up through the earth at the first sign of the spring thaw.
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Design Favorites: Five Fall Plants for Your Garden

Autumn is truly when New England shines. So many quintessential pieces of the area’s identity come out in fall: apple picking, the Patriots, and of course the amazing foliage transformations. But changing leaves aren’t the only source of color in the fall garden. Here are a few of my favorite ways to brighten the landscape in autumn.
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