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Historic Gardens for Victorian Homes

Reclaimed Stone: A Well-Worn Path

At a Blade of Grass, we strive to find materials that are environmentally sensitive. Reclaimed stone exists at the perfect nexus of traditional look, high quality material, and environmental responsibility.
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Design Ideas: Five Fall Plants for Your Garden

Autumn is truly when New England shines. So many quintessential pieces of the area’s identity come out in fall: apple picking, the Patriots, and of course the amazing foliage transformations. But changing leaves aren’t the only source of color in the fall garden. Here are a few of my favorite ways to brighten the landscape in autumn.
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Hydrangea Paniculata ‘Grandiflora’

Design Ideas: Three Flowering Shrubs

There are countless shrubs to choose from, with more being developed yearly by plant breeders. It’s tempting to fall for the newest or shiniest variety, but it’s wise to build the structure of your garden with tried and true performers. For me, there are three flowering shrubs that stand out amongst the landscape, as it were.
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Cornus Kousa Dogwood

Design Ideas: Three Ornamental Trees

When you get down to it, the landscape design process is really about creating solutions to solve the challenges Mother Nature throws our way – trees to provide screening and shade, flowering shrubs that won’t be eaten by deer, perennials that can survive hungry rabbits, and so on.
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